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About Business Frontiers


'if you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got'


Increasing your profits can be difficult, gaining new your customers, sustaining profitability can be stressful, however, some people have been able to master this very successfully


With revenues hitting the floor for several months a local business were very concerned that the recession had hit them too hard and they would be unlikely to get up and out of it. It’s a similar picture all over, you may know someone like this!


With a few simple basic guidelines and procedures put into place they recovered swiftly and are now accomplishing significant revenues consistently every month proving to themselves that asking for help was the wisest decision they had ever made.


Most start-ups go out of business in the first year. A lot of companies fail, not because they don’t offer a good service or because there isn’t a market for their services, its because they miss putting into practice some very simple and practical business steps, you don’t need to fail you just need to ask


We have gained considerable experience and expertise across many sectors of business for over 30 years and provides sound practical business advice

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During the year we hold a number of seminars and workshops


The objective of each of these is to bring to you education, advice and suggestions on how you can increase your profitability, your effectiveness when dealing with customers or increase a skill which you have identified needs working on


The Seminars are designed for everyone in business as either a refresher or a new learning experience.


Each one is supported by further independent reference material which can be read or gathered at a later date for increased awareness of the subject.