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Your job is easy, isn't it?

By T Horsley, Apr 4 2017 03:56PM

Can you just put that in there, cut the pipe and slot it into the next one and connect the system up, its only a bit of plumbing.

Surely as an electrician you can just attach the cables together and shove it along there into that machine.

If you can just create this advert to get people to ring us.

I need a new logo for my company shoudn't take you too long just need a simple design.

Can you invest my money somewhere safe and get me a decent return?

Be more aggressive and get more sales, we have a good product at a decent price, what's the matter with you, you're the salesman just sell it.

It doesn't matter what skill/profession you have, I expect you know many people that have come up to you and expressed a requirement that they feel is cheap, simple, won't take too loong and will be easy for you to do.

So where do they get the impression that you can do it easily. Mainly it's because in the past you have been able to get whatever it was done, so it appears easy to the outsider. They fail to grasp of course that it has taken you maybe years of honing your skill, getting trained, qualified and are able to achieve what they ask because you have the knowledge, experience and expertise.

If it was that easy they should do it themselves but of course they can't, if the've tried in the past the odds are they will have failed hence the reason for asking you.

Personally I would no more fix anything electrical, invest my money, fix my car, crawl aound on a roof or build anything. It is cheaper, quicker and less prone to danger if I get an expert in to do it for me.

You may say of course that its far harder and more complex and difficult to become a surgeon than an electrician, that may be true, but in any case, if either of them get it wrong they can both kill you.

I have met people who think that what you do is easy, this irritates me enourmously, it is patronising and devalues not only your profession but everyones else's as well. Whatever you do, you are in a unique position, they can't do what you do but telling them of course is another thing, getting them to believe you may be slightly easier. (Assuming you want to)

If you become the requestee of something then remember the time and effort that you put into your trade/profession before you ask for that job to be done. Empathy is key to success.

As a business person, its not easy, you have a great deal of skill and hopefully in good demand, patience with many will set you in good stead but there are people out there that will test your resolve from time to time.

However, as and when you are on the receiving end of a request you do have two course's of action, take their money, or tell them to fuck off and do it themselves.

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