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By T Horsley, Apr 24 2017 11:08AM

Mental Health is a much talked about subject in the press at the moment, and the health of your mind is affected in many different ways. No two people are the same and no two mental health issues are the same either.

Whilst there are traits and simalarities each person suffers differently and the outcome is also different from person to person.

The subject is broad, diagnosis can be a challenge and treatment falls more than likely way short to offer in many cases long term benefits.

The reasons are vast and plentiful, from identification too funding, from recognition too acceptance. Therein lies the biggest headache in tackling the problem.

Because the field of mental health is enormous I just wanted to touch on one element, depression. Depression is triggered by many things, low self esteem, peer pressure, not enough money, family issues, business challenges etc etc etc. I'm sure you can add to the list.

The way people handle depression is also as broad, from brooding, drinking a bit too much, withdrawal, aggression, sadness. etc etc Its hard for someone on the outside to indentify and its just as difficult for the person to acknowledge they are suffering.

The common response for most who get told by someone that has depression is:- 'Oh pull yourself together". "Look on the bright side" Those comments are made out of panick, lack of understanding and the "Its your problem not mine so don't burden me with it" None of which are helpful nor welcome.

The last thing you will do when you are suffering from depression is to seek help. And the reason is that either you don't recognise the problem or you don't want anyone to know because of the reaction you may receive.

As a business owner your ongoing state of mind is paramount to the success of your business (along with everything else) Lack of sales, awkward customers, supply chain, getting the money in, paying wages/rent etc etc all areas which can prey on your mind, set you back, knock you off kilter etc. In many instances the challenges you face are acheiveable but from time to time some issues get you down.

This can lead to depression.

If you talk to people regularly when the times are good as well as when the times are bad this in a small way will help, not only to maybe resolve a few of the issues you face, maybe put a different perspective on it, or just give you the confidence to know that you are not alone.

I'm no judge, I'm no pyschiatrist, I'm not a counsellor, I've had no training at all when it comes to mental health and I'm certainly not your fucking nanny but I will tell you this, talking on a regular basis to someone who has no axe to grind or hidden agendas will sometimes mitigate the feelings you may face.

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