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By T Horsley, Jun 10 2018 02:19PM

It has been 5 years since I started this blog on my website, covered a variety of topics and offered suggestions on how to grow, manage and guide your business to success. I hope you have liked some of the articles and in a small way they have assisted you in growing your company.

I've covered 'change' in the past but this time I'm going to cover change in a different way.

Embarking on a new enterprise is not easy, there are many obstacles along the way, putting aside, skills, knowledge, target market and money, changing your direction is bold. Why do it? Well the simple reason is that passion can come at any time of life. Do you wait though, or just put it off?

Self believe will also come into the mix, especially if its something that's very new to you, can you do it, are you clever enough, do people want it, can I live while I'm starting it up, can I make it work? Are all questions that prey on your mind.

The first point of call is research, who else is doing what you want to do. Now ignore the thoughts when you find out that there hundreds already doing it, this is a good thing which means there is a market for whatever it is you want to do.

Second part of the research is to look now at your 'competitors' and see exactly what they are offering and how, look into their companys', how many of them are there, how long have they been in operation, what markets are they actually attacking. Who are they collaborating with etc. Are they on point, in other words do you agree with them or do you think some of them are out of date etc.

The research not only covers them but also you, in so much as what new skills do you need? Is there a particular time in the future which lends itself to launching your service. If not then after you have done your research, which can take a few weeks, if you still want to go ahead then put a date in the diary for launch date.

Scary that bit isn't it? 'What do you mean I actually have to put a date down when I'm going to start?' Yes, that then will without doubt focus your mind. So lets pick this time next year. Might seem a long way off but as they say time flies.

So now work back from next June, what needs to be done? More research which is constant. Education/skill enhancement if you need it, that could take 3/4 months. Naming the company, setting up the infrastructure ie website, media etc. That will take a couple of months, location? Another month or two. Collecting target market information another 6 months, building a strategy on how to get your first piece of business and then more after that. Finance? Developing a fall back position.

And all this time, you are still working on your existing job/service etc.

Rushing into a change will not work, careful planning will, yes it takes time and there are no guarantees, however, the excitement, adrenelin and the massive positive well being you gain is worth it.

You may also doubt yourself along the way, is it really worth, am I wasting my time. Not uncommon thoughts, persevere, it will get better and the end result is a new life for you a new business and of course a new begining and there is nothing more satisfying then saying to yourself. 'I did that'.

"you are never to old to set a new goal or dream a new dream"

C.S. Lewis

By T Horsley, Oct 21 2013 11:14AM

Inspire: stimulate or arouse, creative activity, you can be inspired by or have a breath of inspiration,

Motivate: stimulate the interest of (a person in an activity) be motivated by someone or an inward desire to achieve or attain something.

So what comes first? Bit like the chicken and the egg. We have all been inspired and motivated by some thing or someone at some time or another I suspect. I remember when I’d just finished my apprenticeship back in 1975 I went down the pub that weekend with a few mates to celebrate. (Remember Hofmeister beer, ‘follow the bear’ was the slogan of the young crowd of the day) it was a great weekend.

That Saturday evening was the first time in my life I was inspired. I met a chap called Keith who wore a nice suit, had a company car and seemed to earn more than I did. Jealously was not part of it, I earned substantially more than all of my mates, I had a 2L Vauxhall Victor (with overdrive) no rent to pay and a good job.

Keith sold me the idea of more, not more materialistically but more to life, what you could achieve what you could do with your life if you applied yourself differently.

I was surprised, never heard anyone talk like that before and over a few days reflected on what we had spoken about, took onboard what he said, jacked in the job and my whole life took on a different perspective.

When you are inspired by someone, an event or to do something, motivation comes easy, motivation takes many forms, getting out of bed in the morning and going off to work, to go out and mow the lawn, walk the dog or the type of motivation to achieve your aims.

When you are at school there isn’t a lesson on work and what to expect, well there wasn’t when I was at school anyway, no advice as to what you have to do, what you get, what’s the point of it, its just a given that you go to school and then get a job, yes you can delay it for a while by going to college or University but the outcome for most is the same at the end, get a job.

Many though, decide to take that leap and work for themselves, something inspired them to take that jump off the edge of a cliff. No safety net of a guaranteed income at the end of the month, no final salary pension or holiday and sick pay just a belief that what you can do is of benefit.

Motivation then takes on whole different meaning, sadly though for some it doesn’t last, not that what they were doing wasn’t any good it tends to be in the areas of business life that they were not familiar with, have no knowledge of or just not very good at it.

If you ever feel you are losing motivation think about where and why you first started, it may be difficult at the moment, the bills need to be paid, the credit card is maxing out and you have to feed yourself and the family for the rest of the month, other bills are piling up and some of your customers owe you money (there is a book to help you with this). Customers need servicing and it could be that your suppliers are putting pressure on you to settle those accounts.

Now its not easy to juggle everything and you can’t please everyone, you can of course give up and I wouldn’t blame you and I expect that many around you, your friends and family would support you in any decision you make, yes you gave it a go, it worked for a while but circumstances conspired against you and you feel you have to pack it all in and ‘get a real job’ Then again, giving up may not be the best option.

Think back as I said to when you started, full of enthusiasm, lots of ambition and thoughts of the achievements you would make as your life progressed. Winning through is difficult and yes your competitors are out to get you and yes the creditors are banging at the door and yes there are obstacles in the way.

That brick wall in front of you is huge. but can you image as you look at it stretching up above you, a hand grasping the rough brick edge, pushing the left hand up to the next level, your feet catching hold at the bottom and climbing up this so called insurmountable wall.

Inch by inch hand by hand foot by foot getting closer and closer to the top, winning through is having a clear mind and I know you are a focused individual, of course I can’t do it for you and you have to want to do it yourself but the sense of achievement as you scale the wall and show not only to yourself but to everyone around you it can be done and this was why you stepped onto the road of independence.

You are very good at what you do, you have a high level of skill and are constantly setting yourself apart from your competitors, in this area, its people like you who are showing this country how to succeed and how to overcome the many obstacles placed in your way. You should be proud of what you have achieved as you are and can be an inspiration to others who follow in your footsteps. Never be afraid to ask, never be afraid to try, you are and you always will be the best at what you do.

I have every faith in your ability to succeed.

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