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By T Horsley, Nov 10 2017 05:20PM

Having spent 3 weeks on a beach in Italy this year (One of my goals) I noticed a man everyday walking up and down selling kites, nothing odd about that you might say, as on many foreign beaches people often wander up and down selling their wares.

I watched with interest though. Each morning he would start with some 15 kites floating in the breeze to catch people's attention and then he would slowly make his way up the beach selling a couple here and there. At the end of the day as he came past there was maybe 1 or 2 left, along with a few he was carrying in his bag.

Very enterprising and obviously worth his while. I left the beach mid afternoon most days and what struck me was that no one was actually flying any kites. So the following week I took a bit more interest and watched him. He would sell a kite, show them how to use it and move on.

What was interesting was the person who bought the kite, either mum or dad with a child in tow got the kite up in the air for a few moments, handed it to the child and in turn after few moments watched the kite crash to the ground. OK, so a bit of a learning curve needed, but after several attempts either mum or dad would give up and/or the child would lose interest relegating the kite to sun bathe on the sandy beach, abandonded and never again used. You may have experienced something very similar yourselves.

This is in essence the same as in business, as a business owner whether on your own or with staff you see something, bright, new, looks easy enough, doesn't sound too expensive and you jump straight in, such as magazine advertising, exhibitions, or social media.

After a while nothing seems to be being achieved, you lose patience, money of course and then you drop it and move on. The amount of businesses I see jumping into areas in which they have little or no understanding continues at a remarkable rate. Ideal for those who are selling the service of course but less appeaing to those having tried it and saw little or no results.

I have long advocated that a business owner should seek advice before engaging in what seems like a cystal oppotunity or keeping up with the Jones's (to coin an old saying)

Getting help may well cost money but and there is always a but, in my experience it is money well spent because having objective, unbiased advice is paramount to the sucess of your business.

Having an initial chat costs nothing, need to bounce an ideal, give me a ring, or drop me an email before you, crash the kite.

By T Horsley, Dec 31 2013 12:54PM

On the eve of another year it’s always worth while to take a look back at how well you did during the last twelve months. If you haven’t been preparing for 2014 in the last two months then, well, you have a few more hours and maybe the rest of the week to do so.

The Christmas break for business this year is a difficult one and falls within the middle of the week and then of course, New Years day the following week, so for many millions of people they will have had two full weeks off work. Back to reality on the 6th Jan.

This for some, who do not have the full two weeks off, is a time to sort out the admin, clear the emails, update the phone records, year end accounts, statements, invoices and letters to those who owe you money. (there is a book to help you with that). Plus and I do hope you will, review the strategy for growing your business next year. When I say reviewing, I applaud those of you for having it prepared but for those of you who have not, in between the left over christmas cake and haggis get one done.

Don’t make resolutions, set a few goals based on your strategy which should look at a number of keys areas.

Product portfolio, customers, pricing, marketing, training and development and personal circumstances. Flesh out a few details on each of these and it will soon build into a strategy for the coming year.

Past performance, ie what worked well and what didn’t also needs close examination, look at each customer, what they bought from you the pricing and delivery of it and how did you get that business? I have never yet met a business person who doesn’t want more business or to make more money from the business they have, but each year sadly, they look back and see that they have either lost business or some customers they relied on for work just don’t use them any more, and they don’t know why.

‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got’

This holds true for a number of different reasons, mainly because your customers are changing, not so much changing themselves more as to how they buy and the criteria as to who they buy from, is changing. If you don’t look at this and revisit the way you sell, you will fail.

Year on year how can you tell if it is getting better for you or not, well the most obvious is your yearly accounts. My accountant is brilliant and she is incredibly patient with me. After harassing me for several months she eventually created my accounts for submission at the end of the month having given her all the details about four days before I see that my profit margin and turnover had increased on the previous year, and I also know roughly that 2013-14 will also be better than this.

Now customers come and go, contracts come and go, there is a certain amount of bread and butter business for everyone and if you can add 10% to this and gain 10% more customers and increase your profit margin by 10% overall then you are building a solid foundation to your business.

Of course there are periods when you will make substantially more and there will be times when your customer base declines but as long as you are consistent with the development of the business you will succeed.

Adapting your portfolio and strategy is key to making sure that if parts of your business are not doing as well as they should, you have other areas which can grow and offset these more difficult avenues for you. This however, is a strength that many can’t or won’t embrace, either because they are too afraid of change or are so stuck in the belief that what they are doing will reap the rewards of the past, sadly this is rarely the case and by the time they realise this its too late.

"it is not the strongest of the species that survives, notr the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change" - Charles Darwin

If you are not sure or would like some advice, ask, it’s a strength not a failure.

Don't forget, in all of this you do have a personal life, work life balance and all that, subject for another day, if you are going to a party tonight or just being with friends have a good time, me, I'm indulging in a passion of mine, I've got a gig as a DJ for the evening to a couple hundred people. Disco time, its going to be fun.

So, Happy New Year! - actually I don’t really care if it’s happy for you or not, I’m not your nanny;

I prefer to wish you a Prosperous New Year.

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