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By T Horsley, Nov 10 2017 05:20PM

Having spent 3 weeks on a beach in Italy this year (One of my goals) I noticed a man everyday walking up and down selling kites, nothing odd about that you might say, as on many foreign beaches people often wander up and down selling their wares.

I watched with interest though. Each morning he would start with some 15 kites floating in the breeze to catch people's attention and then he would slowly make his way up the beach selling a couple here and there. At the end of the day as he came past there was maybe 1 or 2 left, along with a few he was carrying in his bag.

Very enterprising and obviously worth his while. I left the beach mid afternoon most days and what struck me was that no one was actually flying any kites. So the following week I took a bit more interest and watched him. He would sell a kite, show them how to use it and move on.

What was interesting was the person who bought the kite, either mum or dad with a child in tow got the kite up in the air for a few moments, handed it to the child and in turn after few moments watched the kite crash to the ground. OK, so a bit of a learning curve needed, but after several attempts either mum or dad would give up and/or the child would lose interest relegating the kite to sun bathe on the sandy beach, abandonded and never again used. You may have experienced something very similar yourselves.

This is in essence the same as in business, as a business owner whether on your own or with staff you see something, bright, new, looks easy enough, doesn't sound too expensive and you jump straight in, such as magazine advertising, exhibitions, or social media.

After a while nothing seems to be being achieved, you lose patience, money of course and then you drop it and move on. The amount of businesses I see jumping into areas in which they have little or no understanding continues at a remarkable rate. Ideal for those who are selling the service of course but less appeaing to those having tried it and saw little or no results.

I have long advocated that a business owner should seek advice before engaging in what seems like a cystal oppotunity or keeping up with the Jones's (to coin an old saying)

Getting help may well cost money but and there is always a but, in my experience it is money well spent because having objective, unbiased advice is paramount to the sucess of your business.

Having an initial chat costs nothing, need to bounce an ideal, give me a ring, or drop me an email before you, crash the kite.

By T Horsley, Aug 21 2013 09:24AM

Since its arrival on the social media marketing scene, Pinterest has captivated the world’s collective attention, quickly claiming the distinction of being the third most popular website in the world, behind other social giants Facebook and Twitter.

This seemingly simple portal allows users to ‘pin’ images that represent (and link to) a site or page that they’ve found something interesting – sort of like visual bookmarking. Other users see what their friends or connections have pinned, and can ‘re-pin’ to share it with their own network.

Much like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Pinterest’s immense popularity brings with it ample opportunity to propel a business brand image, increase website traffic and generate online business buzz…most of the time. However, despite the potentially unparalleled benefits, business owners need to carefully do their research before jumping into the Pinterest promotional scene to ensure that this particular online resource will yield the expected results.

Key Indicators That Pinterest Makes Sense For Your Business:

Not sure if Pinterest is the right social media strategy for your organisation? Understanding a few critical key indicators to look for when contemplating a Pinterest strategy can help ensure that this potentially potent online solution will complement your business vision, goals and objectives. Before implementing your Pinterest social media strategy, you may want to consider:

Your Targeted Demographic:

Before jumping into a Pinterest strategy, it’s important to think about your specific client niche. Are your customers actually out there waiting for you to start pinning? According to Search Engine Journal, women make up 80% of active users on this particular social media site. Additionally, the site goes on to note that the largest age group (30%) on the site is between 35-44 years. Even if your market isn’t within those parameters, check your site analytics. If you’re already receiving some traffic from Pinterest, it wouldn’t hurt to put effort toward expanding your Pin-fluence.

Graphics To Pin:

Once you’ve determined that Pinterest caters to your needed niche, it’s time to determine if your business has something relevant to offer. The pinning and re-pinning process on this social media site relies on visually compelling and informative pictures that will quickly grab your audience’s eye and make them want to take a closer look. Does your business already have images like this ready to post? If not, it’s time to start creating some.

Comprehensive Strategy/Goals:

Of course, simply having great graphics isn’t enough to make Pinterest worth your time. It’s critical to also have an outlined strategy for optimal success. How often will you post your pins? How much time will you spend interacting with other brands and people on the site? What hashtags will help users find your pins? Include a specific outline on time and resources you’ll willing to spend dedicated to the site, as well as detailed, measurable goals to ensure that you’re ready to maximize efforts and reap the biggest Pinterest payoff possible.

Moving Forward:

Take a look at your business,the products and services you have to offer, like all Social Media you need to engage, inform and educate your target market, this also means you have to be a human. People like to buy for people, if you have not entered the world of Pinterest then take a look aorund at some of the boards and of course seek out your competitors.

Its free and can if done properly give your companyand you more exposure to a wider market.

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