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Marketing Strategies

Marketing could be summed up in one word “awareness”, the dictionary however describes marketing as “the part of the business which controls the way that goods or services are sold” or could be put as eloquently as, “the process of identifying, anticipating (predicting) and satisfying customer needs, profitably” and herein, lies the problem.


Marketing and what it provides or accomplishes or attains, resides as an umbrella allowing a vast array of activities, functions or stratagems to evolve in its name.


Knowing how, where and when you market your company and knowing which tools to use is critical to the success of your business.


Leaving it to chance or adhoc dipping in and out of a marketing exercise can cost you hundreds of wasted pounds and just as importantly many customers


Getting it right means you have to ask for ask, that's what I'm here for.



Areas of Action

Marketing Strategies - Social Media,

Telemarketing, Advertisements


Sales Plans - Customer Retention,

People Skills, Aquisitions


Change Management - Internal Processes, Supply Chains


Personal Development - Skill Sets, Goals and Objectives


Business Growth - Unique Selling Point, Customer Satisfaction


Effective Communications - Creating Awareness, Communication Plans



Building on customer satisfaction and life time value of clients coupled with stringent profitability measures all ensure a successful business growth strategy.


Growing your business needs sound, practical and objective advice - we can give you that help in a simple but constructive way

Business Growth