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During the year a number of seminars are available to attend.


These are all within the three counties of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire and are designed to provide you, the business owener with pratical, sound and unbiased advice on How to grow your business.


They typically last between 90 - 120 minutes and usually are early evening allowing you to come just after the working day.


I am sure you have been to many seminars/workshops where you are obliged to sit through 10-15 minutes of a sales pitch and sometimes are asked to introduce yourself to everyone thats there.


If you are like me, this is extremely irritating and a waste of vaulable time.


I gaurantee you that this does not happen at any of my events.


We are there to talk about the subject, people are encouraged to ask questions during the presentations if they so wish.


The objective is for you gain an insight, a bit more knowledge and something that you can do the very next day to increase your business.

After each seminar, it is posted on Authorstream, if you wish to view them please follow the following links.


If you need any clarification or want to ask any questions regarding them please feel free to email me at

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