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Sales Training

Are your sales people performing as you expected them too?


Most sales people do not hit targets conststently irrespective of what they might tell you.


There are many reasons for this ,one of which is that they may have lost their way in the basic selling process.


If you are not getting what you want, then invest in some training.


Its a lot cheaper than trying to recruit and a lot more effective than trying to do it yourself.



Major Account Sales Training


How to win a major account

Managing major accounts

What influences buyer behaviour

Understanding the DMU

The effective use of questioning

How to increase the profit margin

Selling an intangible service

Life time value of the client

Preparing a professional response


1 day course


£245 per delegate

Presentation Skills


Understanding the objective of presentations.

Structure of a presentation

Presentation skills

Preperation techniques

Equipment selection

Controlling the presentation



Half day course


£150 per delegate

Sales Training


Understanding the sales process

How to make a sale

What and why people buy

Unique Selling Point

Where to look for customers

How to position yourself

How to get more sales

Over coming objections

How to make more money in each sale


Half day course


£150 per delegate

All courses are interactive to get the best out of the training, a minimum of 2 people are needed per course.


Training is normally conducted off site and all courses can be tailored to individual company needs.